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Welcome ...

I am so glad you have journeyed to my little space of calm in the ever stimulating virtual world.  

To encapsulate what I do in one sentence:

I specialise in Accelerated Relaxation Therapy, therapeutic yoga and therapeutic art which I have specifically developed to assist clients in reducing their stress levels and facilitate a greater level of calm and relaxation in their lives.


Your Free 10min Meditation

Simply complete your details and I will email your free 10min meditation for you to incorporate into your daily self-love practice.

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A bit about Accelerated Relaxation Therapy...

Accelerated Relaxation Therapy™ involves minimal movement, requires no fitness level or flexibility and is appropriate for all ages, genders and ability levels.


Accelerated Relaxation Therapy™ integrates the use of slow movements, intentional body awareness (both interoception and proprioception), biofeedback awareness, the integration of the 5 senses, diaphragmic breathing, mindfulness, meditation, massage and postural adjustment.


There is no separation between the body and mind, and through Accelerated Relaxation Therapy™ I facilitate the awareness and reconnection between them. It assists one with a greater awareness of self and enhances recognition of stress which is being held within the body.

For greatest efficacy, Accelerated Relaxation Therapy™ is one on one client focused, as this allows the client to fully immerse in the experience without the distraction of other persons in the space which inhibits the full activation of the relaxation response.

Until my first session with Hayley, I had never in my life been able to do, or enjoy yoga. I have a number of physical disabilities which have always limited my ability to do yoga and the pain it caused my body really put me off the thought of it, let alone my mental health stopping me from being able to go to a class. Having Hayley come to me for our Yoga sessions (I now do multiple sessions each week) has been a life changer for me. It's allowed me to actually participate in something that is good for both my body and my mind. Hayley's kind nature is so genuine; she is really clever and quick to think, and has successfully altered our sessions based on my impairments for that session (they change a lot from day to day). She's so flexible and our sessions are always unique.I now look forward to each yoga session with Hayley SO much, it's my regular escape time!

K., NDIS Participant


Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Thank you, I'll be in touch soon!

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