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I don't know how she does it, but she just seems to know exactly what I need.

Real positive difference to my mental health. It helps so much. Highly recommend.

A., QPS officer

~C. One-on-One Client

Having the opportunity to work with Hayley has been an absolute blessing. Her experience and skills in yoga instruction are matched by her knowing, thoughtful and calming influence. I am always much more mentally and physically relaxed after a session with Hayley and couldn't be more grateful to have her support and guidance.

N., NDIS Participant

~G. NDIS Participant

After year of stress taking it's toll on me both mentally and physically, Hayley's sessions are a God send. I don't think I have ever felt so relaxed. The sessions with Hayley have shown me just how much stress I hold in my body.

B., Ex-Military

Hayley has a beautiful positive personality and is so easy to talk to, when I’m not doing well I’m able to talk to her about it without feeling like I’m being judged and she is good at working her class around how I’m doing that day, sometimes even when I haven’t even told her what I need she seems to just know. I feel that since doing these yoga sessions with Hayley I’ve become more aware on breathe and body. In regard to my body I can sense when my emotional stress builds up and forms tension in my body, the classes really help to release that and then that has a positive effect on my mental health because I leave feeling lighter.
B., NDIS Participant

~C. One-on-One Client

Hayley is a beautiful, honest, reliable and gentle soul. She is transparent with everything she does (running her business, following NDIS guidelines and with who she is as an provider) and her yoga sessions are holistic and oh so calming. Hayley also has incredible communication and she also has so much respect for you and your body. She will ask permission before adjusting your pose or talk you through each step. I am so happy with the service Hayley is providing, when I’m in her session it’s like the world has stopped and when I leave I feel calm. Thanks Hayley, you’re a gem!

L., NDIS Participant

~G. NDIS Participant

Until my first session with Hayley, I had never in my life been able to do, or enjoy yoga. I have a number of physical disabilities which have always limited my ability to do yoga and the pain it caused my body really put me off the thought of it, let alone my mental health stopping me from being able to go to a class. Having Hayley come to me for our Yoga sessions (I now do multiple sessions each week) has been a life changer for me. It's allowed me to actually participate in something that is good for both my body and my mind. Hayley's kind nature is so genuine; she is really clever and quick to think, and has successfully altered our sessions based on my impairments for that session (they change a lot from day to day). She's so flexible and our sessions are always unique.
I now look forward to each yoga session with Hayley SO much, it's my regular escape time!
K., NDIS Participant
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