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I frequently work with NDIS participants to achieve their goals and objectives. I work alongside other providers and support co-ordinators to assist in the enhancement of the lives of NDIS participants. 

2023: The fusion of knowledge


Over the years of working with individuals from all walks of life and teaching various styles of yoga classes, I have funnelled down and refined yoga to the highly specialised style I teach today. The yoga I teach is not your standard yoga session. It is therapeutic based, meaning I have extracted the most effective components of yoga to transition the body into a para-sympathetic state (the relaxation response).

What it looks like working with me as part of your plan…

I operate on a full transparency basis whereby I actively engage with support co-ordinators and plan managers to achieve the best possible outcome for participants. 

Each session is tailored to suit the participant based on their goals, their ability level and how they show up at each session. I offer a calm, safe environment to enable the participant to reach a state of relaxation and provide a caring supportive space.

Accelerated Relaxation Therapy™ and therapeutic yoga are not about fitness level, flexibility or strength, rather they focuse on addressing the nervous system to help relax and restore the body and negate the effects of a continually activated stress response. Accelerated Relaxation Therapy™ and therapeutic yoga are forms of psychosensory therapy and have been well documented as an integrative modality as part of psychotherapy. 

Billing codes can be utilised from Core.

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