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My Purpose

Hi, My Name Is Hayley    

I love nothing more than seeing the face of a client whom has reached a state of calm, peaceful contentment following Accelerated Relaxation Therapy, therapeutic yoga or a therapeutic art session. The reward of creating a positive impact and making a difference in someone’s life runs a deep sense of meaningful purpose. It is so wonderful to witness a client’s transformation process and see them benefit from Accelerated Relaxation Therapy, therapeutic yoga or a therapeutic art session. 


2014: Where this story begins...

It all started when I was working as a police officer for the Queensland Police Service. During my time in the service, I used yoga as a tool to counteract and negate the hypervigilant, fast passed action I experienced on a consistent basis. 

2016 : Evolution of a practice


In 2016 I obtained my yoga instructor certification. In addition to teaching yoga classes, I began volunteering my time teaching yoga to QPS colleagues whom were experiencing PTSD. I began to see incredible results and developed an interest in yoga’s efficacy with mental health conditions.

2018 : The expansion beyond


A few years later, I commenced a degree part-time in Nutritional Medicine and developed a love for the interrelationship of food’s therapeutic effects on one’s health and well-being and the transformative effects on mental state.

2023: The fusion of knowledge


Over the years of working with individuals from all walks of life and teaching various styles of yoga classes, I have funneled down and refined to the highly specialised modalities I teach today being Accelerated Relaxation Therapy™, therapeutic yoga and therapeutic art. I have extracted the most effective components of various modalities to assist in transitioning the body into a para-sympathetic state (the relaxation response).

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