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Well it all starts here...

Updated: Apr 4

For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed sinking my mind into a good blog post. There is something intimate and unique about delving deeply and immersing yourself into the words of another; to capture the imagination and allow your creative mind the opportunity to explore ideas and concepts whilst enjoying a delicious coffee or cup of tea.

I am not a fan of social media. I never have been. It has a tendency to lure you into an hypnotic trance, only for you to resurface (sometimes hours later), wondering where your precious time went. Further, the unhealthy behaviours it promotes (we all know the feeling of looking at another's posts, wishing our life could be better!) and the toll it takes on our self-worth.

A short time ago, I had the fortune of being able to pick the incredibly eclectic mind of Moulin Rouge's creative cinematographer Stephen Dobson. We spoke about several fascinating topics and explored the concept of success. One line he spoke has has etched its way into my mind like a well carved stone: "...when the world zigs, you zag..."

So, in this age of AI, virtual reality and social media, I have decided pivot and go back to the old way of doing things. In this year of 2024, I am starting a blog. I am creating an opportunity for the reader to unplug from the over stimulating world and offer a little more slower paced way of life.

I am not sure how many will read it, but if it helps even one person embrace a calmer way of life, I have served a purpose.

Big love, Hayley. x

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